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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Here it is...

... finally, my cookbook, online.

I find myself continually collecting recipes on scraps of paper, reading food magazines and books, taking notes from friends' tables or other displays of food outside my own kitchen, and almost always modifying the recipes to suit my own tastes and dietary preferences. Then I look to repeat a popular recipe at a later date and often cannot remember what I did the previous time.

Certainly experimenting is half the fun, and I may come up with an even better creation on my subsequent attempt - but sometimes I really do want to re-capture the magic of that earlier creation. (Not to mention: I get requests from friends for my recipes frequently!)

The boxes full of scraps of paper filled with recipes that seldom detail the way I create the dish have got to go, and time to sit down and compile a full-on tome of my gastronomic delights never seems to materialize so I've decided a recipe blog is the way to go.

I'll simply be adding recipes here as I sample them in real life. The order of posts will therefore comprise a sort of culinary journal and the web 2.0 wonder of "tagging" will serve as the index for my progressive cookbook. Enjoy.

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Laura Rainbow Dragon said...

Yes, this blog's style sheet still needs a few tweaks. I'm working on it!